Relationship / Couples Counselling

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Relationship or Couple Counselling can be sought no matter what situation you are facing, even if you think your problems are trivial. All relationships are different but sometimes the issues we face are the same. They include trust or commitment issues, arguments caused by work or finances, a breakdown in communication or dealing with the trauma of a bereavement, illness, or addiction.

Whatever you are going through in your relationship, it’s important to remember you are not alone.

OK Talk Counselling offers a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment in which you’ll feel empowered to talk through your problems with the support of an expert therapist.

Depending on the issues you are facing, most couples who proceed with relationship counselling will embark on a series of between six and ten sessions.

For many couples, the first important step is beginning the process of identifying the issues you are facing in your relationship. Your first counselling session together is about identifying the issues, assessing your situation and discussing whether relationship counselling is the right way forward for both of you.

The role of a trained counsellor is to help the couple understand the issues and explore how they might bring about change. For some couples, a few counselling sessions will be enough to see them successfully move on. For other couples, their first counselling session is the start of a longer process.

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