OK Talk Counselling provides a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment for clients and assists them at their own pace, empowering them to identify and reach their goals. 

Young People Counselling

Adult Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Health Workers Counselling

OK Talk works with clients experiencing a range of issues, such as:

  • EAnxiety
  • ELow mood
  • EStress
  • EDepression
  • EUnhappiness
  • EA lack of focus
  • EInability to carry on with daily routine
  • ESuicidal/Self-harm thoughts
  • EIssues with relationships
  • EMarital and family problems
  • EBullying
  • ESickness
  • EBereavement of loved ones
  • EAddictions/Substance misuse
  • EEating disorders
  • EPost-traumatic stress disorder

What to expect

We recognise that each of our clients are unique. We will structure the sessions in line with the client’s requirements, taking the issues and treatment plans into consideration. We meet weekly with our clients for a minimum of 6 weeks. The client can expect the practitioner to be curious and seek to understand the client’s worldview, through process, history, behavioural patterns, stressors and how they all contribute to how the client feels. We may also assign homework and practice navigating situations in sessions.

OK Talk Counselling uses a range of approaches and therapies, including:

Person-centred therapy

This therapy encourages the client to see themselves as the master of their own personal growth with the counsellor providing positive support and empathy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy

With this therapy, the counsellor and client explore unconscious and past experiences which may be deep-rooted and negatively influencing current behavior

Solution-focused therapy

Here, the focus of the therapy is not dwelling on the past but promoting positive change in the client’s present and future

Transactional analysis

This involves exploring a client’s adoption of three ego states – Parent, Adult and Child – and how each can determine that individual’s interaction and behavior towards others

Cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT]

This therapy focuses on helping the client identify and challenge negative feelings, thoughts and behavior so they can deal with situations in a more positive way

Emotionally focused therapy

With this therapy, the counsellor helps the client, typically families and couples, to understand their own and others’ emotions with the aim of improving the relationship

Creative therapy

This therapy involves helping the client explore feelings and emotions through a range of expressive and creative techniques beyond talking, such as writing, sand play and music

Art therapy

Uses techniques of artistry including drawing, painting and photography as a way for the client to express, communicate and explore issues, feelings and emotions beyond words

Family therapy

This therapy enables couples, family members or others in close relationships to safely share and explore difficult thoughts or emotions and experience different perspectives

Play therapy

Most commonly used with children, play therapy encourages expression in a safe, secure and comfortable environment