OK Talk caters to individuals and employees in corporations.

We help our clients deal with the following challenges

At work

  • EA lack of focus
  • EInability to carry on with daily routine
  • EStress induced through changes in the workplace
  • EBullying
  • ESickness

At home

  • ESuicidal/Self-harm thoughts
  • EIssues with relationships
  • EMarital and family problems
  • EBullying
  • ESickness
  • EBereavement
  • EAddictions/Substance misuse
  • EAnxiety
  • EDepression
  • EMood swings
  • EPhobias

For corporates

  • EAnxiety management
  • EStress management
  • EHappiness workshops
  • ESelf-development initiatives

What we do

We assess and treat mental and emotional health disorders, relationship issues and life challenges. Through various methods of counselling and psychotherapy, we work with our clients to develop meaningful behavioural changes. We also offer coping strategies for navigating life’s struggles.

Our endeavour is to provide support and guidance in our client’s life. We do this by working with our client to identify triggers, cope with negative emotions and reduce symptoms in order to improve employee’s quality of life.

How we serve

Marina is a seasoned counsellor with over seven years of experience. She gets involved in every step of each case and conducts the counselling sessions. She is also assisted by a team of experienced associates across different locations and services.

What to expect

We recognise that each of our clients are unique. We will structure the sessions in line with the client’s requirements, taking the issues and treatment plans into consideration. We meet weekly with our clients for a minimum of 6 weeks. The client can expect the practitioner to be curious and seek to understand the client’s worldview, through process, history, behavioural patterns, stressors and how they all contribute to how the client feels. We may also assign homework and practice navigating situations in sessions.