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OK Talk is a holistic mental health initiative, which has become the pioneer of mental health awareness in Somerset and neighbouring counties. Since its inception, OK Talk aims to create an ecosystem where people with mental health concerns receive professional support with confidentiality.

With the help of holistic support, interventions and treatments that are world-class and multi-disciplinary, OK Talk is dedicated to ending the stigma associated with mental health.

OK Talk is an online and an in-person that provides evidence-based mental health support for clients in the UK. A vision of our founder Marina Sabolova, we aspire to uphold compassionate, inclusive, competent, and ethical care to ensure client well-being. She dedicates OK Talk to her father, who inspired her to be kind, helpful, and ethical.

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of support, utilizing evidence-based mental health practices while striving towards clinical excellence, compassionate care, and professional integrity.

Young people counselling

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Adult counselling

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Relationship counselling

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Health workers counselling

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